As clear as glass

by 09/09/2018

Why you should use our super Matcha Glass Shaker

As we all aim to cut down on our use of plastic – especially of single-use plastic – rejecting plastic water bottles is a really easy step to reduce your environmental footprint.

Did you know that plastic water bottles can take over 1,000 years to biodegrade?

Not only does the creation of plastic water bottles use energy and create pollutants; the production of one plastic water bottle actually uses more water than that bottle will contain for drinking! (1)

The Adeptio Matcha shaker is made of glass.

Five reasons why using a glass bottle has health as well as environmental benefits!

  1. Much healthier than drinking water from plastic.
  2. Preserves a superior taste of liquids: if you’ve chosen to drink our expertly blended tea, we want you to be able to appreciate its flavour.
  3. Maintains a consistent drinking temperature: Hot or cold, glass bottles hold liquid at a steady temperature far more effectively than plastic!
  4. Easy to clean: hygienic, dishwasher safe (excluding lid), can withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees.
  5. And finally, it looks fantastic! So what are you waiting for?
  • Research from the Pacific Institute


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