The wonders of water

by 09/09/2018

Sometimes the cheapest and simplest solutions really are the best for you!

As the peak of summer arrives, here is a reminder of the benefits of drinking water and how to make it easier to do so.

About 70%-75% of your body’s weight consists of water.

Water helps digestion; absorption and circulation of nutrients and the removal of toxins. It helps maintain your body temperature, energises your muscles and it moisturises skin from the inside out!

We all lose water continuously – from breathing and sweating through to using the loo.

But without replacing these losses on a regular basis it is easy to become dehydrated.

And consuming liquids such as caffeine and alcohol – which have a diuretic effect – actually causes even more water to be excreted from the body.

It is easy to miss the initial symptoms of dehydration. But it can cause headaches, dizziness, a dry mouth, bad breath, tiredness, and cravings for sugary food! It can even stop you thinking clearly as your brain needs water to function too!

But how to do it?

  1. Carry a drinking bottle with you and remember to refill at regular intervals.
  2. Try to set yourself specific times of day to have finished a certain volume.
  3. Always drink before and after exercise.
    “Your ability to perform athletically can decline with a very small amount of dehydration,” says Amanda Carlson, director of performance nutrition for Athletes’ Performance, which trains many of the world’s top athletes. “Just losing 2% of your bodyweight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%.”

    If you start your workout in a dehydrated state, you will feel low on energy, your muscles won’t work as well, and you could also get cramped easily. Start drinking 2-3 hours before a workout and add Matcha for enhanced benefits namely slow releasing caffeine).

    Post exercise you should drink to replace the water that is lost during the activity (alongside carbohydrates and salt).

  1. Consume water alongside caffeinated and alcoholic drinks to help counteract their diuretic effect.
  2. Add variety by looking for different ways to flavour your water example with Adeptio-Matcha.

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