Natural Ingredients
No surprises! As we put a value on our health there is a growing trend for alternatives to coffee and sugary energy drinks. We tell you what we use in our blended teas and how our glass shaker is made. See our products page!
Environment Friendly
Health conscious means our health and our environment’s health. Therefore, we use minimal eco-friendly packaging. Our blending and packing facilities are quality and safety checked by highest UK standards.
Organic Tea

Each ingredient is natural, functional and designed for long-term regular consumption. They are sourced from responsible growers in East Asia and Japan, hand-picked by the founder of Adeptio.

Health Benefits
Adeptio-Matcha is specifically formulated and blended for Fitness and Performance with all the goodness of Matcha as well as the healing and stimulating power of selected herbs.
Steady Delivery
For long-term regular consumption as well as instant health benefits, we recommend drinking Adeptio Matcha 2-3 times a day and building it into one’s daily life.
Full of Antioxidants
Matcha drinkers consume the whole tea leaf and benefit from 100% of the high quantity of catechins, a natural antioxidant. Approximately 60% of the catechins found in matcha are the super-catechin epigallocatechin (ECGC). It is high in disease-fighting polyphenols.
Why Matcha is good for your health

How Adeptio-Matcha aids during and after your fitness exercise

Matcha drinkers consume the whole tea leaf and so benefit from 100% of the antioxidants.

PRE-MATCHA has been created to stimulate the body and mind, preparing the body for exercise, with the slow releasing caffeine of the Matcha, the added caffeine from the Guarana (a natural stimulant) and with mental uplift from the Gingko Biloba.

POST-MATCHA is Designed to promote rehydration and boost recovery through the associated anti-inflammatory benefits of the Milk Thistle and Nettle form a potent combination, alongside the stress relieving Lavender. A lesser-known benefit of Spirulina is that it has the highest concentration of protein of any known food.

What are you preparing for?

Pre-Matcha - Designed to prepare the body for exercise

Pre-Matcha contains a precisely chosen tea blend of ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha green tea powder (63%) and is blended with:
  1. Ginger Powder

    to lower cholesterol, improve circulation, improve digestion and protect against exercise-induced muscle pain

  2. Ginseng Powder

    to reduce the effects of mental and physical stress

  3. Guarana Powder

    is a stimulant to boost energy

  4. Gingko Powder

    to stimulate blood circulation to the brain and improve concentration

Post-Matcha - Designed to promote recovery and rehydration

Post-Matcha contains a precisely chosen tea blend of ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha green tea powder (55%) and is blended with:
  1. Peppermint powder
    to stimulate and aid digestion
  2. Milk Thistle powder

    is a natural anti-inflammatory

  3. Spirulina powder

    is a rich source of protein and it lowers blood pressure and reduce cholesterol

  4. Nettle powder

    is a natural energy builder, high in serotonin

  5. Lavender powder

    to promote relaxation and aid sleep