This blend has been created to stimulate the body and mind, preparing the body for exercise.
Drink Pre-Matcha 30 minutes before a workout. Alongside the slow releasing caffeine of the Matcha, the added caffeine from the Guarana (a natural stimulant) and mental uplift from the Gingko Biloba, this is sure to give a boost to any session.
To gain the maximum benefits from drinking Adeptio Matcha we recommend consuming it 2-3 times a day and building it into one’s daily life.


Adeptio’s Pre-Matcha contains a precisely chosen blend of ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha green tea powder (63%) and is blended with:
Ginger powder to lower cholesterol, improve circulation, improve digestion and protect against exercise-induced muscle pain;
Ginseng powder to reduce the effects of mental and physical stress;
Guarana powder is a stimulant to boost energy;
Gingko powder to stimulate blood circulation to the brain and improve concentration.

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